Sunday, April 4, 2010

Three drawings I did last month are in Pony Club Gallery's April show, "Walking the Line." The first is my contribution to the Covered Blog, Blade of the Immortal Dreamsong 7 of 7 with Makie topless and surrounded by corpses, which is a secret from the internet until it debuts on that blog in a couple of weeks.

The second is my drawing of the final scene of Dune, which I made for a contest on Phil McAndrew's blog, and I was one of three winners of that contest, but I won with luck and not with skill, for my name was drawn from a hat. This drawing is displayed in a preposterously gaudy gold frame which was chosen more for size than style but turned out to really enhance the grandness of it all and would not be out of place in the illustrious vestibule of Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV.

And the third is the original pen and ink drawings which were xeroxed to produce these stickers. The stickers are meant to tie in with that comic I keep saying I'm publishing soon, since the comic shows a witch having sex with Baphomet and a mandrake plant, for the purposes, presumably, of supernatural reproduction, which is an interesting subject upon which I intend to expand in future projects. You'll get one of those stickers for free if you purchase the comic book from me at Stumptown, otherwise you have to use Etsy to obtain them.

My closing advice to you is to read as little P. G. Wodehouse as possible before attempting to write a blog entry, if you're smart, which I'm not.

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