Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm taking pre-orders for Flesh and Bone on Etsy. If you order it online before this weekend, or buy it from me in person at Stumptown, you get a free sticker. You can preview the first few pages of the book on Sparkplug's website. Dylan also hooked me up with a ton of postcards with the cover image on them--if you want me to mail you one, just send me your address, because I have plenty of twenty-eight-cent stamps for this very purpose, my friends.

At Stumptown this weekend I'll be sharing a clown car of a table with Andrice Arp, Joan Reilly, Stefan Gruber, and Sean Christensen ABT, which should be excellent fun. And there is a release party for my book and bunch of others, plus a reading and free beer, at Guapo Comics and Coffee on Friday night. And Carolyn Main put me in her comic for this week's Portland Mercury. (I'm the breastfeeding redhead at the Pony Club table, of course.) And stoked is the new black.

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