Sunday, October 31, 2010

I've always been so damn uptight but these days my pilot is instinct. I either go to bed with my baby at eight or stay up with friends until two, I eat and read mostly for comfort, I let myself get drenched to the skin when it rains, and I tell people exactly what I want which makes them want to give it to me. I'm becoming a complete degenerate and my heart is spinning like a compass point at a magnetic pole.

I got to hang out with Vanessa Davis and Julia Wertz last week while they were here for their tour. I was a guest speaker for Jesse Reklaw's comics class at the IPRC--this means I was paid to talk about myself and boners for 45 minutes and left feeling like a pompous ass. Fifteen minutes later I got in trouble with my mom for answering her friend's question "Why is your comic for mature readers?" with "There are like witches having sex with Satan in it." Sean Christensen, Amy Kuttab and I dressed as a coven for Halloween.

Speaking of Sean Christensen, as I frequently do, he curated a Twin Peaks themed art show is at Guapo Comics and Coffee on 63rd and Foster this month and it's really excellent. I drew my contribution exhausted, with tears in my throat, and it is the most melancholy drawing I have ever made.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For a righteous critique of the Portland art scene and a fucking awesome birthday present, count on Sean Christensen.

I put my Dracula illustration in this show Monsterbation at Pony Club this month, and it sold. You can see images of some of the work in the show here. And Greg McElhatton might be the first reviewer to clearly and correctly identify Jadwiga as the protagonist of Flesh and Bone in this in-depth article at Read About Comics. My mom was psyched because he compared me to Edward Gorey.