Saturday, April 10, 2010

This is a photo of the proof of "Flesh and Bone" Dylan gave me last week. Certain tweaks have been tweaked and the final thing is now whirring through a printing press like an elucidating headline in a black-and-white movie.

Dig this injustice: your rad pals Sean Christensen (Awesome But True) and Julia Gfrörer (canny but clueless) have been cruelly wait-listed for this year's Stumptown Comics Festival! Do you know of a vacant table corner where one or both could hang a shingle? Notify us! We provide tempting libations, free comic books, amusing anecdotes, and of course the appropriate remuneration to all friends of the vortex.

When did I start writing like this? (Puberty.) How can I stop? (You cannot.)

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