Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A lady named Lynette got this tattoo of my Saint Catherine drawing from Roger Valdes at Tattoos by Lou in North Miami, FL yesterday. Beautiful, right? When you guys get tattoos of my work I cannot describe how it makes me feel. Humbled. Amazed.

I'm suffering from my eighty five hundredth cold this winter, which is comeuppance for putting my kid in daycare, and that fever haze my brain is in is good, I think, for my work ethic. I stayed up late drawing a cover for Ariadne auf Naxos vol. 4 the other night and I've been cranking out the pages for that thing, some of which you can see on Facebook.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The other day an acquaintance of mine suggested that I should see the movie MacGruber because "it's so funny."

"I don't really like funny movies," I confessed.

"But this is really funny," she explained.

"Then I'll probably like it even less."

Undeterred, she began to describe her favorite scenes from the movie, one of which, I was appalled to learn, depicts a man having sex with the ghost of his dead wife, on her grave. My first reaction was: here I am, busting my ass to conjure up some edgy art for you all to enjoy, and damned if this fucking bullshit movie doesn't saunter up and jizz all over my totally earnest and touching graveyard ghost sex scene. I ask you. MacGruber. Wikipedia says this movie came out a month after Flesh and Bone was released. Maybe graveyard ghost sex was just in the air at that time.

In less bullshit areas of my life, there's a women-themed show next month at Guapo Comics and Coffee, entitled "Woman," featuring me and a bunch of other radical lady artists. I wanted to share with you the beautiful bio Sean Christensen wrote about me for his press release:

Julia Gfrorer is a comic book artist, printer & fine artist. She is the author and artist most famous for her short comic Flesh & Bone of sparkplug comics. Julia makes possibly the most intense, dark, erotic, romantic and brutal, modern comics in print, yet they have a visual quality that lends them to a time that could lay anywhere between the 1700's to the future.
Reading things like this makes me feel like I am winning at life, and that is a rare and precious feeling.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My beautiful friend Danielle just got this tattoo of a doodle she found in my sketchbook. She and I love to drink champagne together and wear these special flower crowns we made, and if people ask us why we're wearing them we say it's because it's Saint Margaret Day. So it is relevant to a post headed with a photo of her lovely ankle to mention that my Saint Margaret drawing is now a t-shirt.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This morning I found half a twenty dollar bill on the sidewalk.

An artist called Kyle Cross has been exhibiting my incubus drawing from "Beastmasters of the Universe" as his own. It was displayed at "Best of the Breasts" at Sacred Gallery in New York, where the curators somehow realized it was mine, removed the piece from the wall and from their site, and alerted me. (You can still see the thumbnail on my facebook page, though--apparently he Photoshopped it blue.) A friend of mine asked me if I was mad about this. I'm not--I think I'm kind of flattered, really--but if you buy any art from this sleaze or put his sleazy work in your shows you should probably double check its pedigree.

Emma Bolden
's poems about witches are thrilling me to death today. Read "Hour Seventy Two: In Which the Witch Describeth Her God" here, "The Witch's Vision" and "The Witch's Apprenticeship" here, and "The Witch's Burning" here.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Other than this handful of morose comic strips, in the last month or so I haven't drawn a whole lot. Most of my energy has gone into reading (Beowulf, Twlight, Franny and Zooey, Metafilter) and making things. I ordered some plates from Boxcar Press and printed my bookplates on my favorite press, Ogami Itto, the antique floor model C&P at Bamboo Grove Salon. My friend Matt also silk screened some awesome posters from my Theodicy drawing last week. So my etsy store has about twice as many things in it now.

Here's a review of Flesh and Bone you may not have read. They compared me to Lenny Bruce, and suggested that the Baphomet blow job scene on the third page of the book might be a reference. Uh, it's not, there are no references to internet memes in Flesh and Bone, astonishingly.