Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's impossible to sustain enthusiasm for a creative project long enough to get the project done. If you want to finish anything you have to go through periods of not liking the project, or not giving a shit about the project, and your commitment to the work you do has to carry you through. A couple of days ago I came out on the other side of one of those periods of antipathy and now I'm completing several pages a day of Too Dark to See and, which is unlike me, I'm so thrilled about this fucking book I'm practically effervescing. Imagine me effervescing.

Today I spent a couple of hours behind the bar at Coffeehouse Northwest where my barista friends let me sketch their espresso machine and counter setup. This resulted in the following three pages of comix, which I like so much I decided to post them online so you can see what's been cramping my hand these days. One, two, three. Then I danced around to a bunch of my favorite songs. Then I drew some more.

Then I got on the god damned internet and read about sixty eight five hundred thousand things that made me feel like nothing I do is ever going to be good enough and I wanted to disappear. Sometimes the internet is completely useless for anything other than harshing mellows and killing boners. I don't even understand what makes my fingers so sticky on the keys.

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