Sunday, April 3, 2011

I finished Too Dark to See on Thursday and made copies of its guts at Fed Ex. You can preorder it from my Etsy store. I'm still working on the cover image, which, when completed, eagles from Forest Park will pluck from my inky fingers and deliver to Dueltone headquarters, whereupon it will be swiftly screen printed, and then my books will be done. Already the cold fingers of lethargy and self-doubt are creeping up my spine. They sense my work ethic slackening. They want to kill me.

Another thing I did this weekend is a guest strip for by buddy Jesse Reklaw of Slow Wave, and you can see it in six days.

Jesse will be reading my comics with me at the Multnomah County Library on April 14, for this event. He kindly offered to accompany our reading on the ukulele, but after reading a few pages of Too Dark to See he pronounced its ideal soundtrack "moody silence." I will also be speaking as part of a panel at this event, so you can anticipate my extemporaneous attempts at humor and completely off-base observations on history and culture to be received with more moody silence.

I'll be sharing a table at this year's Stumptown Comics Fest with Fran├žois Vigneault. Come see us at table D-14 for copies of my new book, plus teeth and book plates and prints, and more moody silence. Just kidding. Conventions are where I'm a viking.

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