Monday, January 10, 2011

Two new reviews of Flesh and Bone, each with unique insight that was fun for me to read about. Justin Giampaoli at the Poopsheet Foundation talked a little bit about the use of language in the book, and Derik Badman for Mad Ink Beard wrote a pretty in-depth analysis of some of the formal elements of the artwork and how they shape the narrative. These are things I really don't expect people to consider when they read my stuff.

I was slightly surprised to discover my work at this show at Powell's City of Books this month. Here I am next to my dead deer drawing. See the slight surprise scrawled plainly across my sweet face. Immediately after this I drank a PBR at Floating World.

I did this drawing on Christmas day and I'd like to turn it into a t-shirt, or a print, but I'm taking my time choosing the colors. Pulling the trigger on these things is hard for me. Maybe you should just tell me what color your couch is.

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