Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This morning I found half a twenty dollar bill on the sidewalk.

An artist called Kyle Cross has been exhibiting my incubus drawing from "Beastmasters of the Universe" as his own. It was displayed at "Best of the Breasts" at Sacred Gallery in New York, where the curators somehow realized it was mine, removed the piece from the wall and from their site, and alerted me. (You can still see the thumbnail on my facebook page, though--apparently he Photoshopped it blue.) A friend of mine asked me if I was mad about this. I'm not--I think I'm kind of flattered, really--but if you buy any art from this sleaze or put his sleazy work in your shows you should probably double check its pedigree.

Emma Bolden
's poems about witches are thrilling me to death today. Read "Hour Seventy Two: In Which the Witch Describeth Her God" here, "The Witch's Vision" and "The Witch's Apprenticeship" here, and "The Witch's Burning" here.


  1. i found 20 bucks on the sidewalk walking home once too. it was about ten years and it still brings back such a good feeling.
    that sucks that guy tried pulling a fast one with your art. so audacious. when i first moved to portland i went to a group show where some a-hole had displayed a joe sorren illustration he printed out from the internet and was selling prints of it! no one there caught it so i ratted him out. what the hell is wrong with these people?

  2. WOW!!! I just discovered your art and its amazing!!! Love your style. Best wishes from Argenina.

  3. Thanks Humberto. I went to Argentina last year and it was awesome, I am happy to get best wishes from there.

    Farel, it was only half of a $20 bill. I took it to the bank but they said it was worthless. Lame. But one time like ten years ago my best friend and I found $20 on the ave in Seattle and we bought a secondhand copy of Elliott Smith's XO and two boxes of rose flavored Jezebel cigarettes, and I still remember that day fondly.

  4. I found $2 a few years ago in a puddle and I'll never forget it. So I can only imagine what finding $20 is like!