Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If you will forgive me for quoting The Secret Garden, I'm too common and I talk too much. Jason Levian conducted an extensive interview with me which has just been published at The Comics Journal.

Also appearing in my email via Google Alerts this morning is "Breaking into the Boys Club: The New Crop of Female Comics Creators." Hey Pepe, I heard you pull your pants down all the way to go pee.

Occasionally my stepmom has a couple of glasses of white wine and starts asking me why I don't get into modeling, because she thinks I would be great at it. And one of the reasons is that I find my worth evaluated by my looks more than I like from day to day and have no wish to legitimize the trend in my professional life, but as the blog post above indicates, it's not always avoidable.

Have you heard about Lisa Hanawalt? Have you seen her work? She mentioned me on her blog the other day, and I want to return the favor because I think that she is great.

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