Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My comic was reviewed by Tom Spurgeon on The Comics Reporter. Dylan and Tim both said, "If you read that guy's other reviews, that was actually a really good review." I thought so anyway. Tom said:

It's rare comic book when the demons are both terrifying and a sort of comic relief. This is a rare comic book in more ways than one.

Lately I spend a ton of time around Cameron Hawkeye, now a work friend as well as a real friend, and that guy draws constantly, like a maniac. I'm beginning to notice that my draftsmanship has gotten genuinely poor, which is scary, because if I'm not good at drawing, what am I good at? So I'm doing more observational sketches, which is good, and feeling bad about myself, which is bad, but useful too.

Every night Brodie and I work on our new books for the Zine Symposium and they are going to be so awesome.

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