Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some Stumptown/book release fallout follows:

Global Hobo posted Ariadne auf Naxos on their site with a pretty good explanation of the title.

Haunted Happenings PDX said of Flesh and Bone: "this is an adult tale of lost love and demonology. Well paced, dark without being mean, this work conveys the morose, heavy damp feeling a broken heart can infect upon an otherwise sane mind."

Secret Acres incorrectly claimed that I am not an asshole.

Neighborhood Notes called me one of Portland's rising comics stars.

And a liberal arts college in the Midwest ordered 34 copies of my book for their graphic novels curriculum.

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  1. I was in said Graphic Novels class, and we had a very interesting discussion about it yesterday, so thank you! Keep working hard!