Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So far this month I've been featured in two of my favorite art/sex blogs: Sex in Art and Filthy Gorgeous Things.

Rob Clough of sequart.com reviewed my comic book(s), Ariadne auf Naxos, on his blog High-Low, and had some really insightful things to say. I especially liked this part (spelling errors aside):
There's an obsession with nomenclature and language that pervades this comic, especially the ways in which focusing in on picayune details obscures real meaning. Grforer expresses this idea with deadpan wackiness, with dialogue a bit reminiscent of Mat Brinkman's MULTI-FORCE: slang and curses spoken by supernatural characters....This comic is as much about the creation of the comic as it is a narrative, as Grforer never lets the reader forget that the comic is being drawn and that she is drawing it, even as strange things happen to her. The drawings have the crackling energy of sketchbook spontaneity but with a wit that provides a solid support structure.

Ariadne auf Naxos was written mostly during TBA last year, when I volunteered as a gallery sitter. (When you are reading it, try to imagine that you can hear Tamy Ben-Tor's Gewalt, faint but distinct, played every eleven minutes for many hours at a time.) Though I wasn't able to volunteer this year, I have started working on a third book. Brodie and I will be performing my comics at the Portland Public Library in October, about which more soon.

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